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IPv4 Address Block Reputation Assurance

The reality is, 50 – 60% of IPv4 address are usually on one of many IP reputation blacklist. Not knowing the integrity of your IPv4 address blocks, can be costly in the long term.

Like on other, we provide clean reputation IPv4 address blocks. Our team is constantly researching IPv4 address space in ARIN, RIPE & APNIC. You can feel secure knowing that we qualify each IPv4 seller and clean every IPv4 Block before listing it.

Extensive IPv4 Research

We work with the verified IPv4 address block owners and respective regional internet registry to ensure the IPv4 address space is legally registered, free and clear of any liens

IPv4 Blacklist Reporting

We use in-house software to determine the integrity of the IPv4 block. If they are found to be on any IP blacklists, we clean the IPv4 addresses prior to listing them for sale on our website

Remove Routing Records

Our team removes previous BGP tables, old routing records & DNS entries prior to you taking ownership of the IPv4 block.

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Our goal was to create a better experience for anyone interested in purchasing IP addresses. After months of research, we added all the features and support that was requested from over 100 IPv4 clients
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How to Buy, Sell & Transfer IPv4 Addresses

Buying IPv4 Blocks

Find out how easy it is to purchase IPv4 addresses ranging from /24 up to /12s


Buying IPv4 Blocks

Find out how easy it is to purchase IPv4 addresses ranging from /24 up to /12s

Buying IPv4 Blocks

Find out how easy it is to purchase IPv4 addresses ranging from /24 up to /12s

As You Buy IPv4, You can Feel Confident

As you begin to look for IPv4 address blocks, you may notice there is a lack of available information. Because routable IPv4 are exhausted, prices fluctuate and the transfer process is complex, IPv4Connect makes this transaction safe & seamless. By using our fully managed service, acquiring clean IPv4 becomes effortless.

Pre-Approval Assistance

We assist with building your business case with ARIN and APNIC to attain the appropriate IPv4 pre-approvals

IPv4 Transfer Support

The largest brands worldwide rely on us for their IPv4 needs. We deliver platinum support during the transaction and ensure your IP addresses transfer within 2-3 weeks.

Set Prices & Secure Payment

We offer fixed and low rates, unlike IPv4 auctions. You enjoy secure payment options for global transactions.

IPv4 Market Background

Starting around 2011, the Internet Assigned Number Authority declared that IPv4 addresses were depleted. While few organizations started migrating to IPv6, the rest weren’t so quick to adapt. Soon after, ARIN, RIPE & APNIC allocated the rest of their IPv4 addresses, which caused a secondary market to be born.

Thereafter organizations started to realize how difficult it was to actually purchase IP addresses. Some of the most common issues included the transfer process, trusting the source organization, and ensuring the IPs are not blacklisted.

IPv4Connect was created to address the markets concerns for a trusted resource to purchase IP addresses. Our team created IPv4 buying guidelines, streamlined the transfer process and generated mutually beneficial terms to protect buyers and sellers. We manage the entire transfer process between buyer and seller, which protects the interests of both parties.

Rather than making people go through a complicated IPv4 auction, we offer competitive and fixed IPv4 prices. We also continue to offer a white glove service to our 1000 + global IPv4 clients in over 60 countries around the world.

We are Approved IPv4 Transfer Facilitators

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